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A Fun Addition Game for Building Fine Motor

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Math games for kids

This fine motor addition math games activity is a great prewriting and prescissors activity. Your little one is using the same muscle groups as they would be if writing or cutting.

The activity works on eye-hand coordination, in hand manipulation and grip strength. Tweezers are valuable tools for developing fine motor skills in the fingers, hands and wrists. Can be lots of fun!


  • Foam Objects
  • Addition cards
  • Tweezers

math games for kids

How to make :

maths games

  • First the foam objects is transferred to the containers with tweezers as many as the number on the card.

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The foam objects transferred to the containers are again transferred to the third container with tweezers.

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Finally the foam objects in the third container are counted.And the answer is written on the addition card.We have fun 🙂

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