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Activity Book out of Felt

Guiet Book

This page depicts the quiet book that I prepared for my daughter out of felt.

You can make sure that your children spend enjoyable time with these kinds of quiet books designed out of felt. You can add some pages which help them develop daily life skills like how to handle snap fasteners, hook and loop fasteners or zippers while spending enjoyable time. So that you can prepare them for daily life in the best way.


felt activity book

  • White thick felt
  • Thin felt pieces with different colors
  • A zipper
  • A snap fastener
  • A hook and loop fastener
  • Colorful buttons
  • Silicon and silicon gun


felt activity book FOR TODDLERS

  • Firstly, I began with the picture of farm. As shown in the picture, I created a farm out of red felt and glued it with silicon on the white felt. Then I added some patterns by using white and yellow pieces of felts.

quiet book patterns

  • I made the ground out of green felt and the sun out of yellow felt and glued them on the white felt. Then, I created the animals the molds of which I prepared beforehand out of felt as shown in the picture.

quiet book ideas

  • I attached hook and loop fasteners behind all animals and the ground as seen in the picture.

my quiet book

  • There are a lot of flowers that I prepared out of felt as you can see in the picture. We fix them on the page with colorful buttons. I stitched the buttons on the page, I made buttonholes on the flowers and the result is a fasten-loose activity:)

quiet books for toddlers

felt book

  • In this activity, we pick apples from the tree and put them into the basket J First of all, I prepared the tree and trunk and glued them on the page with silicon. I prepared apples out of red felt and stitched snap fasteners on them. Then, I sewed the back of the fastener on the tree on the point where the front and the back would meet. Lastly, I cut a basket shape out of brown felt, made sure that inner side was empty and glued it on the page with silicon.

quiet books for sale

  • I cut a road shape out of grey felt which covers two front pages as shown in the picture and attached it to the ground. I placed thin lanes that I obtained from yellow felt on the road. You can decorate empty parts as you wish. I used trees, houses and flags for ornament.

felt books for toddlers

felt activity books for toddlers

felt activity books for HOMESCHOOL

  • Potato head is one of the educative games that children like the most J I prepared the body out of brown felt and the arms out of blue felt, then I placed them on the page. Later, I designed men and women accessories. The content: Two men’s hats, two women’s hats, one pair of pink earrings on the small ears and one pair of bigger ears, two different-sized noses, two pairs of different eyes, a bag, two pairs of shoes, two mustaches, lips, teeth… I prepared a big pocket on the other side to put these materials inside.

quiet books for toddlers for sale

felt quiet book

baby quiet book

baby activity book

  • I prepared a washing machine out of brown felt and placed it on the ground. Then I prepared its pieces out of green and black felt and glued them with silicon. By using dark and light brown pieces of felts, I prepared a basket below the page. On the other page, I placed the pairs of the socks in the basket, so that we had a matching activity with the socks in the washing machine:))

baby busy book

busy books for toddlers

quiet book templates

  • I designed the ladybird shown in the picture by using red, black, green and white pieces of felts. After preparing spots out of black felt, I stitched one part of snap fastener behind them and the other part on the body; so that I fixed the spots on the body. I sewed a zipper in the middle of the body. Thus, we had a pocket, in which we can put the spots when the zipper is opened. That is an enjoyable daily life skills activity:))

felt busy book

busy book pattern

  • I glued the light brown felt as a pocket shape to put the dragon’s spots inside. I placed the dragon that is prepared out of green felt. Lastly, I inserted hook and loop fastener into the ground and the patterns that are prepared out of yellow and black felt. That is an excellent fine motor skills activity:))

children's quiet book

  • I designed the frog by using green, red and black pieces of felt. Lastly, I sewed one part of hook and loop fastener among the flies that I prepared out of black and white pieces of felt. And I stitched the other side of hook and loop fastener on the tip of frog’s tongue. Enjoy the game 🙂

Felt Button Practice

Homeschool button practice & fine motor skills

Also played with these hand made felt buttons.Just cut strips and sew a button on one end and cut a slit on the other.Helps with fine motor skills and for future prospects of them dressing themselves.

quiet book patterns and ideas

felt childrens books

Button practice with this easy to make button sun.

quiet activity book

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