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Addition Exercise

Math games for kids

Children at the preschool period are curious, investigative, imaginative and inquiring. In order to support development of children towards these aspects, we should give them opportunities to research, to satisfy their curiosity, to observe cause and effect relation and to make predictions by putting forward various ideas.

We should prepare education environments in this direction. It is possible with ‘math games’ which are among tasks that develop children’s sense of research and stimulate their mental abilities.

In order to be more successful at mathematical subjects in future years, they need to be exposed to the experiences that might be helpful to them in early ages. Avoiding math phobia, loving math, being enthusiastic about learning math and developing a positive attitude toward math are directly proportionate to math experiences in preschool period.

Because preschool years are magical in sense that children acquire the basic of many mathematical concepts in the meantime. In this period, children get in touch with many basic concepts about mathematics in their daily lives and begin to learn them. These basic concepts that are learned by children without worrying about failure also form a basis for more complicated concepts acquired in primary school years.

  • Children learn a lot of mathematical concepts such as quantity (a little – a lot), rhythmical numbers, addition – subtraction, sets, fractions, geometrical figures, height, weight and time.
  • This page includes a material that I prepared for my daughter to make addition more enjoyable and concrete. It was really entertaining ?

math games


  • White cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colorful A4 papers
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


Prepare the necessary pieces with proper sizes out of colorful A4 papers by using ruler.

Stick the pieces that are prepared on the cardboard with glue as seen in the picture.

To make the appearance clearer, draw frames around the pieces with a black pencil.

We wrote her name by using letter stickers, you can also use different ornament methods:)

I care about the durability of the materials that we have prepared as we keep them. Therefore, I covered the material with transparent sticky paper.

Prepare the numbers that are available in the attachment.

And our material is ready ? Let’s take a look at the instructions ?

Place the addition card on the yellow section and locate the appropriate number of stones according to the numbers of the addition to the pieces shown by the arrows.

Lastly, drag the stones to the direction shown by the arrows with the help of a tiny shovel and count them when you arrive to the last box. Get the result of the addition among the cards and put into its place.

My dearest daughter loved to do this activity. You must try it ?

Homeschool or kindergarten math games theme addition activity


  • White board
  • Playdough
  • Two bowls
  • Addition cards
  • Two sticks(wooden or metal)
  • Black maker
  • Rings

So we are starting to teach the children about addition games today.This was an independent math games activity from today,modelled to the children first.The children picked a number sentence from the basket,recorded it on their whiteboard and then used the resources to work out the answer.

math games for toddlers

math games for kids


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