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Angel Craft

Angel crafts for kids

I know there is not a person who has not been touched by someone who has cencer.Yesterday,my daughter gave me her art project(angel crafts) she has made on her own.When I first saw it I immediatelly fell in love with the angel.Who does not need a hug today? I was deeply touched and later that night…that project turned into a vision.Project Angel Hugs was born.

What is Project Angel Hugs?

This is a family project,class or MOP project to bless those who have cencer with an angel hug and prayer to let them know you love and care for them.I believe in prayer.With this in mind,make two…one to give to the loved one and one to hang on the refrigerator to remind you to pray for them.What a powerful lesson to teach our kids to pray unceasingly.At the same time,giving strength to those who are battling cancer.
Bring out the crayons&trace the hands of your kids.Fold the small paper cake plate in the shape of a dress and draw the sweetest angel face.Glue it all together.Now write this message on a paper and glue it on the front…An Angel Hug for my —–(Grandma,Dad,Teacher etc…)
I am sending a little angel your way with a very special job to do.With arms outstretched,it brings a hug from me to you.To say the words that I love you and am praying for you.
It does not stop here…Once a week,every Monday,I will post the Angel Hugs and share two fresh uplifting and powerful Scriptures for you to pray for that person you sent the angel to and for all the cancer patients for the week.May the prayers arm all the cancer patients with strength,comfort and healing as they go through the diffucult journey.

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angel crafts

angel crafts for kids

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