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Bee Themed Activities

bee sensory activity

Bee craft preschool

This is one of the bee craft that lead children to observe, experiment, research, explore and think critically. While analyzing the bee theme, you can talk about the life circle of bees by investigating pollens of flowers and honey with magnifying glass.

paper roll bee craft

You can also prepare a simple but very enjoyable activity especially for young learners by making a bee out of a roll as in the picture. While feeding the bee with tiny pompoms in the middle of the flower, your children are going to enjoy themselves and it will contribute to the development of fine motor skills as it helps their fingers exercise.

pom pom bee activities

Transferring the pompoms that are in the middle of the flower obtained from background paper with the help of tongs will contribute to your children’s fine motor skills development so that he or she will be able to do the writing activities easily when he or she starts school.

bee hat craft

You can analyze the bee theme interactively and enjoyably by preparing a costume out of background paper as in the picture.

balloon bee craft

You can encircle a yellow balloon with black electrician tape as seen in the picture and prepare it by putting a cap nut inside so that it will remind your children who love balloons of the bee voice ?

bee painting activity

An enjoyable drawing activity for young age groups ?

We cut a little piece out of bubble plastic and glue it on the one side of the roll. Then we cut a hive-shaped piece out of drawing paper. We continue our printing activity after pouring finger paint with desired colors on a plate.

bee activities

You can make your reading sessions more enjoyable by preparing related puppets.

Have fun ?

Making bees out of clothespin

This page describes wooden bees that my daughter and I prepared for the bee theme.

PURPOSE: Development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, concentration and hand control.


  • Wooden Clothespins
  • Black and yellow pipe cleaners
  • Moveable eyes
  • Yellow background paper
  • Waxed paper
  • Silicon
  • Silicon Gun


  • Yellow and Black pipe cleaners are whipped together around the wooden clothespins up to septate part and glued with silicon.
  • Then moveable eyes are attached.
  • Wing shapes are cut out of waxed paper and patterns which give the wing appearance are drawn with a black pen.
  • Wings that are cut out of the waxed paper are attached on the pipe cleaners as shown in the picture and bees are made.
  • A beehive shape is cut out of yellow background paper and patterns are drawn with a black pen.
  • Activity is made by attaching bees prepared out of wooden clothespins to the beehive made of yellow background paper.

clothespin bee craft

Making bees out of footprint

This page describes the art activity that my daughter and I made for the bee theme.


To develop productivity and aesthetical sensitivity: The most important point that we should pay attention when we make art activities is to remember that what matters is not the result but the methods we use. Therefore, we should support our children to find out their talents in this field by giving them enough time, a space where they can make their activity comfortably, an equipment which is appropriate for their age, level of development and individual differences.

To support their psychomotor, cognitive, emotional and social development: To ensure that the children have encountered different materials with well-planned art activities. Preschool art education should be impressive and supportive for developing positive attitude and behaviors, expressing feelings and thoughts about the object or situations they wonder about.


  • Drawing book
  • Yellow, black and white colored finger paint
  • Brush
  • Palette

bee art idea


  • First, feet are painted completely with yellow finger paint.
  • Then, the stripes are drawn with black finger paint.
  • After completing body and head parts, hands are painted with yellow finger paint and printed on the paper to make them look like wings.

footprint bee craft

The activity is completed when the eyes and antenna are drawn. Enjoy the game:))

May Day Bulletin Board Idea
Bee&flower&spring bulletin board craft for homeschool

With spring around the corner and my friend’s seasonal art theme we decided to make a spring related craft a May Day bulletin board.

This whole idea was inspired by May Day bulletin board picture that I have seen online not long ago.Spring:flowers:bees:)


  • Papers
  • Glue and scissors
  • Tissue paper


Have fun…

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