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Christmas craft and art ideas

Christmas Activities for Kids

1-Fingerprint Christmas Light

Independent fingerprint christmas light cards.My example was on the table,then I just let them go for it.I love how they all wrote Happy Christmas on it too.

Footprint Christmas light cards art activities for toddlers

christmas craft and art

2-Dish Brush Wreath Craft

Homeschool dish brush christmas wreath art activity

Materials needed:

  • Red pipe cleaner
  • Green paint
  • Dish brush
  • Glitter and sequins

This festive wreath painted with a scrubber and then decorated with #glitter and #sequins.Just add a bow and make it complete.

christmas art and craft

3-Pompom Christmas Cards


  • Pompoms
  • White papers
  • Finger paint or acryling paint

Day 2 of our 25 Days of Christmas.My girls had a great time making these simple pompoms Christmas Cards.Thanks my friend for this fun idea.(Just be sure to do the handprints the night before so they will be dry:) I did not want to go out and buy finger paint,so I used my green acryling paint and it washed off of their hands easily).

christmas craft and art ideas

4-Christmas Bookmark

Christmas bookmark gift idea

How adorable are these bookmarks?We just finished making them to give as little Christmas gifts (How cute would it be to slide one on the page of o book you are gifting?)
Who does not love a super cute bookmark?

christmas bookmark craft

christmas bookmark craft idea

5-Washi Tape Art

Homeschool washi tape art project

This morning washi tape art process for 3 main reasons not including the beauty of art and fun of course.And we did have a lot of it.
-First this was a perfect fine motor skills activity with a art purpose.
-Second,is it art process? I did not guide her as to where put the tape.And she did an awesome job:)
-Last,yes it is part of our process of decorating the house for Christmas.

christmas washi tape activity


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