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Cork Board Math Activity

Homeschool math activity with rubber bands and number cards


  • Cork  board
  • Rubber bands
  • Number cards (1-9)
  • Fasteners

Our obsession with pin boards continues.
I came across a fabulous activity recently from the pinterest that my 2 years old loved (it was a simple dot-to-dot using the above materials).
Of course her big 4 years old sister (who is very confident with the above numbers) insisted on having a turn too,so I tweaked it slightly by adding pins all over to add an extra challenge.She had to find a path to each number in sequential order&was not allowed to use the same pin twice.
Lots of fun while learning through play!
(Think number order&recognition,counting,sequencing,mapping,fine motor skills&hand-eye coordination)
The numbers were a pack from IKEA.

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