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Dinosaur Eggs Activity

This page includes dinosaur eggs activity (make dinosaur eggs)  that we prepared with my daughter under dinosaur theme.

dinosaur eggs making

Dinosaur eggs for kids


carbonate, water, cocoa or coffee (to give the brown color)


  • Put some carbonate in a bowl.
  • Add some cocoa or coffee to give it the brown color.
  • Then, add very little water slowly, knead the mixture until it gets dough consistency.
  • After kneading, place the dinosaur inside and let it dry.
  • You can arrange the amount according to the dinosaur that you will put inside.
  • The egg will dry in 2 days and be ready for our activity.

dinosaur eggs for kids

dinosaur eggs for toddlers

dinosaur eggs kids

First, crack the dried dinosaur egg with the help of an object.

make your own dinosaur eggs

dinosaur eggs activities

science activity for kids

dino theme actvities

dino theme egg activiy

dinosaur theme science activity

Pour the vinegar that is bottled in a spray on the cracked dinosaur eggs and our dinosaur hatches. While using the spray, our children’s tiny fingers work out, too ?

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