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Fall Sensory Bin

Montessori homeschool fall sensory table.

The red room shared their awesome brown acorns with us.
(Brown=color of the week!Plus our fall theme is exhibited here,too).So much going on im our texture table.Cups are full or empty.We are putting acorns through the tubes,under the cups,over the leaves.We are sorting,we are counting and so much more!(a fave:using the tubes as telescopes:)).We are having fun learning through play.


  • The red container
  • Pine cones or tubes
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Leaves
  • Bowl and cups

Fall harvest sensory bin for homeschooling

Fall Harvest Sensory Bin.Fall is here(almost:))This was such a hit with my nieces at our fall themed play date.Orange dyed rice,candy,pumpkins,fall leaves,mini bucket,spoons,cupcake liners and some farm toys contained in a large storage bin.Such a fun sensory activity with lots of imaginative play.

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