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Felt Traffic Light

Toy traffic lights craft out of felts

You can make learning of colors and traffic rules enjoyable by preparing toy traffic lights out of felt as shown in the picture 🙂


  • Cardboard
  • Felt (black, grey, red, yellow and white)
  • Silicon and silicon gun


  • First, we cut a piece of cardboard as in the picture, make holes on it and cover it with grey felt. Then we fold it and make a roll.
  • Again, we prepare the leg part out of cardboard and cover it with grey felt.
  • Glue the felt pieces suitably with the mold obtained out of cardboard with the help of silicon as shown in the picture and fix it around the roll.
  • You can prepare a handle on the top, which might help it turn easily.
  • And our traffic light is ready. Have fun ?

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