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Fire Station activities for Toddlers

Fire safety for kids

This page includes fire safety for kids that I and my daughter did under the theme of vehicles.

Fire Fighter / Fire Safety Sensory Bin/Firefighter puppets/Fire art activity

You can present an enjoyable learning environment to your children with a sensory activity about the concept of fire station as shown in the picture.


  • Red, yellow, orange crepe papers
  • Pictures about fire station
  • Red and yellow pompoms
  • Flame pictures
  • A box
  • Background papers
  • Glue


  • Design a burning house by covering the box with brown background paper and gluing flame pictures on it.
  • Create the ground by tearing red, yellow and orange crepe papers.
  • Place the red, yellow pompoms, pictures about fire station and fire truck on the ground and complete the sensory bin. Enjoy the game 🙂

fire activity

Fire Safety Drama Activity

You can portray the fire safety theme with a burning house that you can design with background papers, a firefighter hat out of background paper, a toy phone, a doll, a spray and a plush dog. These kinds of animated activities contribute to the process of learning entertainingly.

fire prevention week

Fire Safety Shadow Matching

Shadow matching activities make a huge contribution to children’s development of visual perception skills.  Visual perception is the skill of grasping what an individual sees. Skill at visual perception enhances reading, writing and arithmetical calculation; helps the development of other necessary skills to achieve success.

Development in visual perception also affects emotional development; children who have difficulties in cutting papers, copying, matching and lining exercises have also difficulty in school life. Negative experiences in this field might cause a decrease in the self confidence of children.

fire safety activities

Firefighter and fire dog stick puppets

You can make reading more fun for children by preparing puppets out of felt.

Puppet games develop children’s imagination and creative thinking ability. Thanks to the words that are used while playing with puppets, children learn different words and develop ideas about where to use them.

Along with that, puppets contribute to the elements of children’s social development like listening, sharing, taking responsibility, getting contact with other individuals. In short, these inanimate things might turn into very useful education tools when they are used at the right time in the correct way 🙂

fire safety for children

Fire safety art activities

This page includes fire safety art activities with prepared by m efor my sweet girl our fire safety theme.

Fingerprint dalmatian craft

fire safety activities for preschoolers

Painting ‘fire’ with a fork

safety activities

fire safety activities for kids

Fire truck painting

fire safety


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