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Geometric Shapes Activity

That is an exercise that I prepared for my daughter to revise the shapes for kids activity she learned. It is very delighting for little children, you must try it 🙂

shapes for kids


  • Green cardboard
  • Rabbit’s picture
  • Color pens
  • Foam cups
  • Sticky back eva foam sheets
  • Lentil


  • Glue the rabbit pictures that are printed out on a green cardboard with Pritt.
  • Then, glue the shapes that are cut out of sticky foam on foam glasses.
  • Fix the foam glasses that you have prepared on cardboard with silicon.
  • Cut desired number of shapes out of colorful foam and put them into a bag full of lentil. We want to make an activity which also supports sensual development, you can use a different kind of material.
  • You make this activity by finding shapes in lentil and putting them into appropriate glasses. Have fun 🙂

2d shapes

Homeschool paddle pop stick preschool shapes puppet craft


  • Foams
  • Pop sticks
  • Black maker
  • Ruler
  • Scirrors and glue

preschool shapes

Mrs.12 months loves the Mister Maker shapes and their funky little dance.
As soon as she hears those shapes snoring away she drops everything and comes running over to watch.So today I had the idea to make some little double sided puppets out of craft foam and paddle pop sticks.Our circle is a different shade of pink but she loves them.

shape for toddlers

2d and 3d shapes and numbers recognition

What you will need:

  • Shapes stickers
  • Maker
  • A big paper(cartoon)

Benefits of this activity include:

  • Shapes recognition
  • Numbers recognition
  • Fine motor skills

geoetric shapes

geoetric shapes for kids

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