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Geometric Shapes with Penguins

Geometric shapes for kids-geometry games

This page includes a geometry games activity that I prepared for my daughter to revise geometric shapes.

geometry games

geometry games for kids

First, cut the fish shapes.

geometry games for toddlers

Then, prepare the pieces that are going to be used for gluing the fishes out of cardboard.

geometry games for kindergarten

geometric shapes for kids

And glue the fishes on the cardboard. I used cardboard to make them durable, you can also use decorative magnets.

shapes for kids

Lastly, glue the fishes on the magnets with silicon.

geometry for kids

Our penguins out of rolls. You can check their formation stages by CLICKING HERE.

kids geometry games

After completing our penguins out of rolls, glue the geometric shapes prepared out of black background paper to the body part.

I prepared the white part under the penguins by gluing the napkins that my daughter tore apart on the blue cardboard with silicon. (That is an excellent activity for the development of finger muscles. You can let your children tear them apart while preparing the activity ?)

shapes activities

I tried to give it the appearance of a see by gluing the rubbish bag on blue cardboard with silicon.

shapes activities for kids

And we are ready to feed our penguins with the fishing rod ? We used shapes as my daughter is very little, you can vary the activities by making use of other pages. Have fun ?

Activity Pictures:

shapes activities for kindergaren

shapes activities for preschoolers

toddlers shapes activities

kindergarten shapes activities

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