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Shape matching

Giraffe Shape Matching Activity

This page includes a very fun shape matching activity.

To Learn About Shape Matching

Parents want both fun and educational games and activities for their preschool or children. Because preschool education at home is very important for a child’s future development. So with fun and short-time activities and games toddlers should be taught to match the shapes with one another.

3 years and over children are able to learn the shapes and with this very practical and easy to make activity we prepared, your child will easily learn the figures and will match them to one another. So let’s see what we need to prepare this activity and get started! 😊

Required Materials

  • Colourful cardboards
  • Scissors

-Be careful with the scissors with your child under 3 years of age.

How to do it?

Firstly, you should draw a cute giraffe image on an orange cardboard or on a paper and you can paint it with orange crayon.

 Secondly, you should draw geometric figures like square, circle, triangle rectangle and lovely heart figures on the giraffe and cut them out.

shape matching activity

Then on the different coloured cardboards, draw the same figures and cut them as well.

Now it is ready. Your child will choose a geometric figure and place it to its place on the giraffe which is the identical one of it. Have fun! 😊

shape matching activity for toddlers
shape matching activity for kids
shape matching activity preschool

You can draw as a big giraffe as you want and add more figures and shapes to teach your little child. It would be very fun and educational because this activity will both teach the geometric figures and the colours to the children at the same time. And it is also very practical for you to prepare at home with only two materials.

For more educational activities for preschool children, keep following us. 😊

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  1. Love this for my toddler classroom!

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