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Homeschool fall activities

Fall crafts for kids

1-Fall wall decoration

I finally decorated my tree mural for fall.I have wanted a tree on a wall for years.I hand painted it.I t was so liberating to do something not normal on my walls.Lol
We do not have fall or snow where we live.So I am using this tree to show my children seasonal changes that happen in other parts of North America.Happy Fall.

fall wall decorations for kids

2-Making fall trees for toddlers

Fine motor skills+fall theme:Making fall trees.I couldn’t find my normal hole puncher but it worked out so that she could put the pipe cleaners in easier.I also cut the pipe cleaners in half to make it easier.This didn’t entertain her as long as I thought it would ,but she still did it:)

paper roll tree craft


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Colorful pipe cleaners
  • Hole puncher

I did not write the details because it was an easy activity.

toilet paper roll tree craft

You can exhibit in front of the window like us.

roll tree craft

3-Homeschool fall tree craft using magazine


  • Glue and scissors
  • Orange/green/yellow/red snipits magazine pictures

Fall tree using magazine snipits.
Use orange-yellow-green snipits out of magazine and find a picture that could work for the trunk (picture above:beach sand at night) This is done by one of my gr.2 student.


1-Glue trunk and draw branches with pencil.
2-Cut the yellow-orange-red snipits (similar in size)
3-Let child glue the snipits as branches and some of the floor as leave gatherings.

fall tree craft with papers

4-Homeschool fall tree collage craft activity

The autumn & fall leaves have turned red.
Colored paper and ripped them.
My daughter,is getting a little bit smarter and smarter.Distributing the colored paper helps to develop a small muscle.

fall tree collage for kids

5-Exploring Nature with Children

Exploring nature with children &for homeschooling. As I was pushing the boys on the swings I looked around and fell so uninspired because it is January and everything was wet,muddy and dead.Not a single bird or squirrel.We haven’t worked in our nature journals in weeks.Eventually,we walked over to dig for ants in the dirt,which led to the question,”Mama,do ants die in the winter or hibernate?”Something we need to look up.And then I noticed a pretty leaf,seeds and sticks and the seeds had little winged insects crawling all over them that we also need to look up and learn about.My daughter found a black feather.My other daughter threw rocks.My student ran into the house muddy because he did not like the rain falling on him today.Good nature day after all.

fall sensory activities



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