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Homeschool Name Recognition Activity

Name writing practice

  • This page includes the ice-cream name writing activity that I prepared for my daughter under the theme of name game recognition activity. To see our other name recognition activities, click here. Enjoy the game 🙂

name recognition activity materials

  • Materials:
  • Colorful sticky foams
  • Scissors
  • Point and square – shaped stickers
  • Drawing paper


name recognition activity

  • Prepare the pieces of ice-cream out of colorful sticky foam.

name recognition activity homeschool

Then, glue the point and square – shaped stickers on it as shown in the picture.

name recognition toddlers

  • Write the whole name on the cone and the letters of the name on each one of the pieces that are prepared out of foam.

name recognition craft

  • Glue the piece of cone on the drawing paper and complete the activity.

name recognition activity for toddlers

name recognition homeschool

name recognition for toddlers

name recognition activities for kindergarten

name recognition preschool preschool learning activities

  • As it can be understood from the stages in the picture, place the letters of the name on the cone properly and finish the activity. As it is prepared out of sticky foam, it activates the finger muscles ? We enjoyed ourselves while doing the activity, you should definitely try it ?

Name Recognition Cutting Exercise

  • Children use the same finger and muscle while they are writing and using scissors. Therefore, correct usage of scissors helps children write nicely and properly. If your child is little and if you think s/he is not ready to use scissors yet, you can begin activities by transmitting apples with salad tongs and spend your time enjoyably.
  • First, try to place his or her fingers on the scissors correctly. When they begin to learn how to use scissors, give them some waste papers or newsprint papers and ask them to cut long lanes. Remember that this is a challenging and unfamiliar process for them; therefore, the more practice, the better results. You can make the same exercise with potty putty and its scissors. That is a good exercise for increasing self-confidence.

name activity for preschool

name recognition cutting

  • Now you can increase the level of difficulty a bit. Draw a shape and ask him or her to cut it from the lines. Here is the point where starts some evasion and whining. Don’t give up, that is the fun part. In order to make a good activity, it is necessary to use scissors. After managing to do this, s/he can be an expert; cutting zigzag and other different shapes will not scare him or her.
  • Of course, it is normal if you are holding the paper while s/he is cutting it at the beginning. After all, the pleasure of working cooperatively is irreplaceable 🙂
  • Along with that, developing literacy skills of children include writing the name; name recognition. Writing and recognizing one’s own name are important and meaningful activities and skills, which show their developmental maturity. This page includes an activity in which I presented name recognition theme as a cutting exercise. You can also develop your children’s skills in this field with the help of similar activities. Enjoy the game 🙂

name recognition activities for two year olds

  • At the first stage, add some patterns by drawing shapes on the background paper with desired color.

letter recognition activities

name tracing

name writing ideas for preschool

pre k practice writing name

name crafts for kindergarten

name printables for preschoolers

  • Then, write the names on the shapes you draw by using letter stickers and complete the activity.

  • Then the cutting activity 🙂

preschool name tags ideas

  • Lastly, you can produce a second activity by making puzzle exercise with the shapes that you cut 🙂

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