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Making Caterpillar out of Balls

Making Hungry Hungry Caterpillar out of Balls for Toddlers

This page describes the very hungry caterpillar craft activity that I prepared for my daughter to revise colors.


the very hungry caterpillar materials

  • Colorful balls
  • Silvery foams
  • Green straws
  • Silvery pompoms
  • Craft knife
  • Moveable eyes
  • Silicon and silicon gun
  • Double-faced tape


  • Stick the plastic balls to one another with the help of glue or double-faced tape.
  • To make the feet, glue the suitable-colored balls to the pompoms with silicon.
  • Cut the straws from the part you bend them and glue them on the first ball with silicon. Then fix the pompoms on the tips. You can also use pompoms for the nose.
  • Cut a mouth-shaped piece from sticky red foam and glue it.
  • Cut the top of the balls with the help of craft knife.
  • Prepare suitable-colored leaves out of silvery foam and our activity is ready ?

the very hungry caterpillar


the very hungry caterpillar craft

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