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Numbers and Counting Skills

Number activities for toddlers

1-Numbers and counting art activity

Big sis has shown her interest at counting lately,so I made this super easy counting art activity and Number activities.Since children tends to count with their finger,we use fingertips to make the leaves.I asked her to count the branch and fill it with leaves on each of them.
We do not experience fall(autumn) here in the country,so this activity is quite helpful to describe how does it look like:))one branch two branches three branches and four branches

 Fingerprint number and counting skills activity

(No more material from the paints.)

number activities

2-Stick Puppet for Numbers

Homeschool learning numbers stick puppet craft(1-9)


  • Wooden sticks or ice cream sticks
  • Felt
  • Glue and scissors

Welcome to homeschool math (number activities) teaching.My daughter is in a hurry to learn the numbers.We decided to make puppets.I know that puppets are very important for language development.We put these cute puppets in my daughter’s room and sometimes take it and repeat it.Very simple to do:)

number activities for toddlers

3-Number Activities with Dot Markers

Homeschool do a dot markers math number activity

Here’s a fun activity we did to coincide with the book ”Ten Apples”.
I wrote the numbers 1-10 on a long sheet of paper,then drew apple-colored faces above the numbers.My daughter then use do a dot markers to put the correct color and number of apples on top of each head.We counted together and talked about the color patterns as she worked.

do a dot number activities

4-Number Geoboard

What will you need:

  • Geoboard
  • Board pins
  • Elastic bands
  • Three colorful plastic bowls

Looking forward to my little lady returning from preschool to explore her first ever geoboard.Inspired by ”Pinterest” numbers week.I decided to challenge him to form numbers using the pins and elastic bands provided.I hace given him a few examples to help get him going.Once she gets the hang of it we might even attempt some basic + sums.

number activities with geoboard

5-Number Push Pins

Homeschool number math activity with styrofoam

Number push.
This is another super old pic of an activity that I never ended up posting (I have a few oldies to post over the coming weeks).I traced circles with a cup onto a piece of styrofoam (yep another styrofoam activity:)),wrote numbers inside & left a bowl of coloured matchsticks next to it.A simple activity for number recognition,one to one correspondence,colour matching and fine motor.

number activities with push pins

6-Squirrel counting acorns game preschool

There is a fun creative  counting activity which dear mother Fadime Terkan prepares for her kids at this page. We thank her so much again for her sharing. You can follow her from the instagram page of @etkinlikburada. Have fun!


  • Cardboard
  • Coloring markers

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