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Our Solar System Sensory Bin

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Sensory Table

This page includes space sensory table with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our space theme. Aquarium sand is wonderful for sensory play!


  • IKEA Storage box
  • Aquarium sand(black)
  • Black background paper
  • Glue
  • Rocks
  • Glitter
  • Space toys


  • Firstly I covered the box with the black background paper.
  • After that I poured aquarium sand into the ikea storage box
  • I pasted planet pictures to the side of the box and I covered the rocks with glitter.
  • Finally I placed the space toys on the floor.Our sensory bin is ready :)Have fun !

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Homeschool montessori galaxy sensorial activity

Galaxy Sensory Table

We are having a solar eclipse party tomorrow and I whipped up this fun sensory table with stuff I had around the house.
Black beans for the sky.
Glitter,sparkly pipe cleaner and glow in the dark stickers for stars,tin foil for asteroids.
Pom poms and glow in the dark stickers for planets.Yay for easy and not having to go to the store.



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