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Polar Sensory Bin

Arctic animals for kids-sensory bags

This page includes polar sensory bags that I prepared for my daughter.

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I prepared igloos out of sugar cubes. Click to view formation phases of igloos out of sugar cubes.

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sensory box

I used jelly that I prepared by mixing starch, sugar, water and food dye to give a see appearance. Click to view formation phases of jelly at home.

I froze some amount of jelly and placed it by leaving some gaps to give it an icecap image. I also placed some foam and sugar cubes in some parts.

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I used shaving foam and wheat starch mixture for the ground.

preschool sensory table

I put some water in a bow, froze it and placed it as seen in the picture.

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Lastly, we placed our animal models freely and completed our sensory bags ?

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