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Revising Colors with Flying Balloons

Pom Poms Color Marching Activity

This page includes an activity that I prepared for my daughter for our hot air balloon theme.

diy hot air balloon

Materials Needed:

  • 7 colored pieces of paper
  • Toilet roll
  • Scissors
  • Glue/tape
  • Blue construction paper
  • Slicon
  • Slicon gun
  • Electrical tape
  • Pompom
  • Rope
  • Tissue paper

diy hot air balloon activity

We prepared 3D flying balloons out of background paper. You can check details from this link:

diy hot air balloon for baby

We cut pieces out of a toilet paper roll and covered them with brown background paper. We tried to give them a different appearance by using black marker pen.

diy hot air balloon for kids

Then, we prepared the baskets of flying balloons by covering their bottom part with black electrician tape. (Electrician tape popped into my head in a flash, you can cover them with different materials. ? )

colorfull diy hot air balloon

After preparing the flying balloons and baskets one by one, we glued the black rope with silicon as in the picture.

diy hot air balloon sensory table

We wrinkled pieces of white crepe paper and glued them on white background paper to prepare clouds.

diy hot air balloon for kindergarten

diy hot air balloon color activity

diy hot air balloon fine motor activity

Lastly, we fixed the flying balloons and clouds that we have prepared on blue cardboard with glue.

diy hot air balloon pom pom activity

Big colorful pompoms that we will use for transmission with tongs (A lot of pompoms are used here for the visual. The number will be decreased during the activity. These kinds of arrangements should be made according to age groups by following the development of hand muscles carefully. Children should never be assigned with too challenging activities that will end up with their failure.)

diy hot air balloon colour matching

diy hot air balloon montessori activity

Tiny pompoms that we will use for transmission with hand.

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