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Santa claus cards to make

Santa claus cards to make

We prepared a Santa Claus card. It is an easy and minimal cost gift for your loved ones.My daughters prepared it for their  friends. It was very easy and fun to make.

  1. You need red,white,yellow,green,pink and black paper, glue, a bare pen and a black mark. It is ideal if the red paper is rectangle, but it is not a necessity.Red papers make him into small talk. The fastest way to do this is to fill with a side glue …

2.After folding the red paper, we stick the other pieces on it.

3. Now we are sticking the face we prepared from white paper.

4.Now we are wearing faces.Then eyes and nose that make you feel black …And then the beards.Now you can write the names of family members on cards.

Best request…

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