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Diy Snow Globe

How to make a snow globe?

Here is all you will need to make this adorable snow globe diy activity:


  •      A clean glass jar that closes tightly.
  •      Glycerin
  •      Glitter
  •       Water
  •       Hot glue gun
  •      Different figures and ornaments


·         Firstly decide what you would like to put in your snow globe.We used different figures.

·         Glue the chosen figure to the underside of the glass jar lid,then allow the glue to set hard.

·         Pour the distilled water into the jar  so that it’s about three quarters full.

·         Add a few drops of glycerine.This makes the water a bit thicker so that the snow swirls about a bit rather than just falling to the bottom of the globe.

·         Add glitter to the water.Add more water to fill the jar to the top.

·         Screw the lid on the jar.(Glue it if you’re concerned about your child trying to open it)

·         That’s it! Shake your jar or tip it upside down to make it snow.Have fun!

There are many examples below

1-Bunny snow globe

2-Polar bear snow globe

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