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Sponge Painting

Sponge painting

A fun,creative sponge painting activity that develops control of the shoulder,arm&hand movements.


  • Sponge
  • Paints
  • White paper

sponge painting

Sponge Painting Christmas Light

Homeschool christmas lights art out of sponge painting

Gather your materials.You will need a kitchen sponge,wash,gouache,scissors,some plain white paper,some bright thin paint,tape and black construction paper.
Start by drawing a light bulb shape on the sponge,Cut out.We used guache for our paint,but you could use any paint or even an ink pad or washing markers.Essentially you are stamping the sponge.Stamp!
If like and want to try this with a toddlers here are my tips…Ask your child where they want the sponge,then place it there,then have them slap the sponge and FREEZE.My daughter koved this,she loved freezing and it helped get nice prints for the effect.We managet to have fun with these tricks,she also directed which color to use.Do another color…and repeat.I blotted my sponge between uses but I did not bother washing it.Let the bulbs dry.While I finished up.Add squiggly circles at the neck of each bulb.Connect the bulbs with a marker ”wire” and finished.


  • Sponges
  • Wash
  • Gouache paint
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper

christmas sponge painting

sponge painting ideas

sponge painting christmas

Turkey sponge painting

Sponge stamp turkeys.I love painting with sponges!They made the perfect turkey feathers for this fun,festive craft. I cut some kitchen sponges into four small rectangles to us as stamps with washable paints.


  • Sponges(rectangle)
  • Paints
  • Turkey
  • Glue and scissors

how to sponge painting

Homeschool sponge paiting shapes activity 

Square week.
Shape sponge bath play(circle-triangle-square)
I cut these shapes out of sponges today during nap time and my little daughter had a blast with them in the bath.We reviewed our previous shapes and reinforced our current shape while having a fun sensory experience.

shapes theme sponge activity

Homeschool shapes art activity with sponge painting

Sponge shapes.
Paint and shapes make this activity a winner for Mr.E.
I took some super cheap sponges and cut them into different shapes.(that heart was way harder than it should have been) and set them up as a stamping activity for E.
We all know the way to E’s heart is with paint and so this was golden.I do not totally trust him with paint alone because well he is two,but he will definitely sit and paint independently until he needs new paper.My favorite is hearing him say,”look a blue triangle! a green square!”
The sponges started out in their colored paints,but it was not long before there was lots of mixing.

painting tips

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