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Spring Sensory Bin

Spring sensory activities for toddlers

This is one of the enjoyable and beneficial Spring sensory activities;

spring activities

We created the ground by mixing blonde bulgur and green sand. We placed colorful pasta and white plastic flowers with beads on it.

spring activities for toddlers

Our turtle that we made out of potty putty

sensory play ideas

We placed our plastic flower in the corner of the tray and we tried to give a different appearance with pistachio shells and synthetic turf. Then we placed the caterpillar and the goat ?

We fixed the green potty putty in the corner of the tray and placed synthetic turf on it. Then, we sprinkled buckwheat and placed cinnamon sticks to give the wood appearance. Our shepherd, lambs and fox ?

montessori sensory play

Our genuine flower and children having picnic

spring activities for kids

We turned the tiny flowerpot upside down, covered it with brown and blue potty putty to make it look like a waterfall. We place stones to its sides. And our fishes ?

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montessori spring activities

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