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Straw Fine Motor Activity

Toddlers fine motor activities

1-Straw and fine motor

This fine motor activity was done together with my daughter painting teacher in picture course. One of my students is 4 years old and the other is 5 years old.

First of all, I prepared our materials the day before.


  • White paper 35 *50 size
  • Colorful straws
  • Crayons
  • Glue and scissors
  • Small materials to decorate the flower

Why this activity?

Fine motor and imaginary world The ability of small muscle groups to move. It is mostly the movements of hands and fingers. For example; to hold pen, to write, to make pictures, to use scissors, to wear shoes, to dress.

This activity;




You can do it at different levels of education

It is very important to develop the fine motor skills of this age children. In this activity, we will use plenty of scissors and reflect our imagination world in the picture.

How it is done:

1-Priorities need to cut pipettes in different lengths. We use yellow and red because we do not have many pipetts in different colors. We can use more colored pipets for weeds. We prepare pipettes for flowers, for leaves and for flower heads in different lengths.

2-We draw a circle in a suitable place of our page and we paint it with a color pastel which we want.

3-We start to paste pipettes of different lengths around the circle of flower in flower shape. Afterwards we glue the body and artwork. This work is not as easy as I wrote here. It takes about one hour for children to cut and paste.

4-I want to draw pictures around the flower from the children after the sticking process is finished. You should not interfere with the pictures. It is reflected in their dream worlds. You can also examine our pictures.

5-Finally, you can ask for the background coloring of the entire page from the children. We could not do it because we did not have time. This will take about half an hour. Have fun…

2-Fine motor activity


  • Wooden bowl
  • Colorful straws
  • Scissors
  • Plastic stick
  • Yarn

fine motor activity

montessori fine motor

fine motor activity at home

3-Creative Fine Motor Activity with Straws

There is a fun creative straw fine motor activity which dear mother Fadime Terkan prepares for her kids at this page. We thank her so much again for her sharing. You can followher the instagram page of @etkinlikburada. Have fun!

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