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Winter sensory box

Winter Sensory Bin with Moon Sand

This page includes description of moon sand which we have used for the winter sensory bin. Moon sand is a material which your children can play with at home and which can be cleaned easily. It calms children down with its magnificent tissue and view.

You can do fill and empty activities with young age groups after you put the sand into a container with shovel and bucket. It is a great material which develops children’s sense of touch and eyesight and supports their motor skills at the same time.

You can also contribute to the development of fine motor skills by using various transmission activities according to the age groups. It would be very beneficial for their language and mental development to obtain figures out of several molds and speak on them. Have fun ?


  • 4 water glasses of flour
  • 1 tea glass of baby oil or oil
  • Powder food dye (If you want to add color)


  • Put flour into a container.
  • If you want to add color, dust one teaspoon of powder food dye on the flour.
  • Add oil to the area where you have dusted the powder food dye and mix it.
  • You can decide on its consistency according to the activity.
  • Food dye might not give color at the first stage. Do not add more, blend it with your hand as much as possible. The more you blend it, the more efficient the food dye becomes.
  • After the activity is finished, you can keep it after you put it in a nylon bag.
  • After you prepare the moon sand, you can place the objects that you are going to use for the winter theme on it as you wish.

Montessori winter theme sensory box for toddlers

Today was flu day.I prepared this sensory box for the boys last night and they played with it for a couple hours this afternoon while we all recovered.
It’s got cotton balls,pompoms,some tools(tongs and rolls),animals,some loose parts and a canoe with 2 peg people.

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