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Wooden Building Blocks Activity

Building blocks for kids

Building blocks for toddlers with wooden blocks

A very entertaining cognitive development activity; This activity supports many development areas such as;

Earth-Directional Perception,

Matching, Copying Ability,

Attention and Concentration Development,

Mental Development,

Shape-Ground Relationship in children. It is one of activities that we have fondly applied.

building toys

wooden building blocks

blocks for toddlers

blocks for kids

building toys for kids

building toys for toddlers

wooden baby blocks

I love it when the kids work together towards a common goal. It helps to build up there relationship and helps them to rely on each other. Even for just the small things ita nice to know some has your back.

It might sound silly but as parents we wont be around forever and when I’m gone I want to know that my kids will all look out for each other and be close to one another. I hope I can help them with that in whatever way but most of the time I have to stand back and watch it play out.

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