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It was a new start for life when she touched me with her little hand

In august 2013, my beautiful daughter was born

Firs year was full of explorations

What does she eat?

What does she like?

And many more question…

My dear wife went to seminars, made explorations and joined trainings…

And ı just watched to see what would happen

When he started to do activities, ı understood how important “homeschool” is


I admirably watched the activities they did

In February 2015, ı thought these beautiful, original activities should be exhibited, and ı started working on it

An ı set up my first site.

More than 100 thousand people have followed us on social Networks like facebook.

Our activities guided thousands of parents

Now time for another excitement

Aec starts broadcasting.


I have been working as a primary school teacher for 8 years


My dear wife, who ı married 5 years ago, is the Pioneer of these activities


My dear beautiful daugther


Write to us

Send us your activities

Let us see your paintings

Use anything useful as material

Education can be done everywhere under any circumstances..

Now, Browse the site and choose an activity for your baby.