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Shape matching

Giraffe Shape Matching Activity

This page includes a very fun geometric figures matching activity.

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Shapes Matching Activity with Bottles

This page includes a matching activity of shapes for your …

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Shapes for kids

Learning Shapes 1-Learning Shapes with Rubber Bands Learning shapes activity …

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Elmer Collage

Homeschool fine motor Elmer children’s book activity Elmer collage. My …

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Shape Pizza

Homeschool learning shapes pizza craft We love this music book,which …

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Circle Stamping Panda Art

Homeschool learning circle art activity Circle stamping and panda  art. …

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Paper Puzzle

DIY paper puzzle for homeschool DIY paper puzzle. A simple …

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Geometric Shapes with Penguins

Geometric shapes for kids-geometry games This page includes a geometry …

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