Montessori Activities for Toddlers

Montessori Activities at Home 1- Sensory of Day & Night …

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Preschool STEM Activities

stem activity

Our schools, as much as they could, present STEM learning …

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DIY Kids Homemade Games and Activities Can Make With Cardboard Boxes

BUTTERFLIES 🦋🐛🌿 Six caterpillars of different colors and patterns were …

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Fishing Game Breathing Exercise for Kids

This page includes a fishing activity to improve breathing skills.

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Telling Time Activities

If you want to teach your child how to tell the time, check out this page.

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DIY Make a Castle from Recyclable Materials

Do you want to make a magnificent toy castle for your child? If your answer is yes, check out this page.

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How to Build a Mini-Golf Course at Home

Do you want to play golf with your child at home? If your answer is yes, then check out this page.

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Make Your Own Cactus Play Dough Activity

play dough cactus fine motor

In this page you will find a play dough activity.

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Diy Kids Princess Mask Activity

Is everybody ready for the party? Because we are making …

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Surprise Egg Alphabet Activity

Children generally wants to learn the write and read before school since they are very curious about everything

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LOL Surprise Activity for Children

The recently-trending world of L. O. L dolls has become …

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Shapes Matching Activity with Bottles

This page includes a matching activity of shapes for your …

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Color Birds Color Matching Game

This page includes birds and color activity from the game …

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Homemade Fine Motor Materials

1-Homemade fine motor material which I prepared for my girl. …

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Emotions Cube

emotions face cube

Building Emotion Cube at Home On this page there is …

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