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Color Birds Color Matching Game

This page includes birds and color activity from the game play dough I prepared for my daughter under the bird theme.

Toddlers Color Activity

Play dough is one of the most entertaining ways to develop children’s producers. Your child can start playing with the game dough from 18 months. Although not able to shape the dough until the age of 3, it will be enough for him to groan, pinch, roll and cut. You can give children in this age group shaped cookie molds or surface patterned objects, pushing them to the dough and creating different shapes.

Playing with the game dough improves the awareness of the child’s space. It learns that each material has its own structure and that the materials can be changed form. Children can start to shape the dough from the age of 3. He’s going to want to hide his works, show his friends and his surroundings. Showing and hiding the works created by the child creates a sense of success and makes him feel confident.

It might be a good idea to put a shelf or a locker in the child’s room to showcase his works. As you age, you can create more detailed and smoother shapes, mix colorful dough and make new color combinations. During this period, you can help him improve the manufacturer by giving different materials such as clay pulp or pulp. He can even make necklaces, bracelets, trinkets with a little help. Your child will also enjoy a separate gift from wearing or gifting them. The play dough is to improve the imagination of children;

Benefits of game play dough:

  • Promotes the development of hand and finger muscles.
  • Provides hand-eye coordination.
  • Helps to learn soft and hard concepts.
  • It can be used as a fun way to learn shapes and colors.
  • We can also see the child as a means of expressing themselves. It can help us understand his inner world by talking with him on the shapes the kid gives to his play dough.

It should be noted that in small age groups, playing with play dough should not be left alone.

color matching
birds color matching

First we prepare our birds from the game dough as in the picture.,

bird feather color matching

You can find the feathers in the supermarket.

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color matching game for toddlers
color matching game for homeschool
color matching game for kindergarten
creative color matching games
fun and easy color matching game

You can also support your child’s development in this style of game dough preparation. Have fun 🙂

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