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Fishing Game Breathing Exercise for Kids

This page includes a fishing game activity to improve breathing skills.

DIY Fishing Game

A child can educate his/her medulla which is a part of the brain that is responsible for breath. By doing this, the oxygen transfer to the tissues gets perfect. The brain of which the requirement of oxygen and sugar are supplied works wity its ultimate capacity. It provides learning convenience, concentration, motivation and retentive memory. These all make the child more successful at school.

Besides the child, who controls his/her feelings over through breathing techniques, develops his emotions like love, mercy and compassion and show empathy towards trees, flowers, animals and other people.

Moreover when the child has knowledge about the importance of breath over the autonomic nerve system he/she gets the chance of using some breathing techniques about controling over the situations like moving involuntarily, stammering, aphasia, anxiety… etc.

In this page we will present you a fishing game activity that you can practically prepare at home. So you can both have fun and support your child’s development of breathing skills. Let’s begin! 😊

Required Materials

  • Drawing paper
  • Colourful cardboards
  • Pipet
  • Scissors
  • Crayons

How to do it?

First of all, get a drawing paper and paint it to blue to make it seem like the sea.

Secondly, draw little fish on different coloured carboards and then cut them away.

You can make mosses with a green cardboard.

Place the fish on the blue paper randomly.

Now you are ready to play. Let your child hold the pipet with his/her mouth and catch the fish as breathing in.

fishing game activity
toddlers breathing activity
fishing game breathing activity

This activity will be very useful about breathing techniques. Using the basic materials at your home you can support your preschool child’s development about these techniques of breathing. Hope you enjoy it! 😊

For more educational activities, keep following us.

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