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LOL Surprise Activity for Children

The recently-trending world of L. O. L dolls has become quite famous in all countries. My daughter is coming at the top of them lol she loves baby activities. So I did something for her. In time, I will add my activities to this section.

LOL Baby Bingo Game

Games like Bingo entertain and inform children alike. Learns the competition, defeat, defeat, game rules. It’s the things that always stand in the way of life.

We have decided to play LOL Baby bingo game at home. I’ll publish the video below.

Bingo Game is an activity game used in children’s education in many countries. Our goal is to give the awareness that children should do something by adhering to the rules while having fun. You can use this game on many themes in many units. We develop this, we fall into teachers.

How to play LOL baby Bingo game?

First of all, we have files that we shouldn’t be colored out of. I’m adding pictures and PDF down.

4 image files that I added to this section are given to players by output. You can play this game for 2-3 or for 4 people.

bingo game
LOL bingo game
bingo game LOL dolls
LOL bingo games

In this section, the picture file will be added to a bag or bowl with color output and cut. And take turns shooting. You can review the video in more detail.

Now all our files are ready. We can start telling our game.

1-We are starting to cut our output file. We did this with my daughter and our children’s finger muscles are very important for their development.

kids LOL bingo game

2-We put our color printouts ahead and throw the pieces we cut into our bag. We need to mix the bag thoroughly. My daughter made this process for me. We played 2 people, you can play up to 4 people.


3-We have used colored magnetic stamps to put the grain of babies in lol You can use Stikır or other material in terms of being more pronounced. Then we’re going to shoot the bag. Please watch our video for details.

4-LOL baby taken from the bag, we almost put magnetic stamps on that square on our motherboard. Wins a bingo game that completes 5 stamps from top to bottom, right to left, or diagonally.

LOL games
LOL baby games
LOL bingo game at home

Don’t forget to watch our video and subscribe to our channel. In time, you will also see that we have signed many events for the first time in Turkey.

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