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Shapes Matching Activity with Bottles

This page includes a matching activity of shapes for your toddler’s cognitive development.

Shapes Matching Game

Toddlers start to identify the shapes and figures and can distinguish one shape from another from 36-48 months. Children who are older than 36 months can count the numbers, identify the items and match them one to one.

It is very important for their cognitive development to make activites like counting numbers, identifying the basic items, or doing matching activities such as matching the items with the same colour or matching the same figures with one another. So this activity would be very useful for your little child to make brain exercise and improve his development of cognition.

Children who can identify the things and items and distinguish them from one another know the difference between the items and can utter their difference. They would be aware of the differences between the things and start to learn why and how are they different from each other. In this page, there is a fun matching activity of geometric shapes which you can easily prepare at home, using the basic elements of handicraft.

Required Materials:

  • Bottles
  • Cardboards
  • Wooden Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to do it?

  • First you should cut figures like square, triangle, circle, rectangle and stick them on to a different coloured, circle cardboards and on to the bottles one by one.
shapes activity
  • Then you should stick these shapes on the wooden sticks as well.
shapes matching activity
shapes sorting activity

While doing this activity, your toddler would learn the figure on the bottle, choose the identical one from the figures on the wooden sticks and then match the same figures as putting the wooden stick in the bottle.

It is both fun and educational for a toddler from 36 to 48 months. Through this simple handicraft brain exercise game your child would have fun, learn the shapes and distinguish them. Have fun!

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