emotions face cube

Emotions Cube

Building Emotion Cube at Home

On this page there is an activity I have prepared for the theme of our emotions for my daughter.


  • Emotions face template
  • Cardboard
  • Cube template
  • Scissors
  • Glue and band
face emotions

Our children can learn to be aware of emotions; So they can predict what others can feel, i.e. develop their “empathy” abilities.
This emotion is an emotion that develops around the age of 3 and can be developed throughout life. In general, children can explain indirectly, rather than directly sharing their emotions.
But as a model, we give them the opportunity to explain their emotions, and if we can provide them with a message that we will accept unconditionally with all their positive and negative emotions, if we do not act incriminating or judgmental, we will not interrupt them. If we can listen to the end, our children feel comfortable to be able to tell their emotions, and hence they may be open to development.

The construction stages of this fun activity are very simple;

1-First we draw a cube by taking advantage of the following cube drawing template to the green cardboard.

2-. Then we fold the folding places to glue it with silicon and form our cube.

3-We paste the following emotion statements with the help of the Prytt.

4-If you turn the corners with an electrical tape, you get a nicer picture and your child is not hurt.

5-Then you can apply this fun event by asking your sheep to revive the emotion expression that comes when you throw it out. Have fun 🙂

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