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Colorful Cars Alphabet Activity

This page includes letter theme a lower and uppercase matching activity with tyres.

Letter Matching Game

Cars really interest the toddlers and they like to play with them. This is why we picked cars and tyres as the objects of today’s activity. We prepared a handicraft activity using the cars and tyres for you to teach your preschool child. If you want to teach the lower and uppercase letters to your child, this is for you! 😊 You can easily prepare it at home with basic elements and your preschool child will learn the letters and be able to match lower and uppercases with each other while having fun. Let’s begin!

Required Materials

  • Paper
  • Colourful cardboards
  • Marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Old toy car tyres or bottle tops
  • Glue

How to do it?

First of all, draw a car in a paper and cut it. Then draw a road on a black cardboard and cut it as well.

There should be tyres for this activity. You can also use your child’s old toy cars’ tyres’ or you can use bottle tops to create tyres. For example to create a tyre you can cover the bottle caps with black cardboard or paint them to black and draw tyre patterns on them.

Secondly, write down the lower and uppercase letters on the cardboards as the same lower and uppercase letter would be the same colour. (You can use as many colours as you want.)

Lastly, cut the letters one by one as circles and paste them on the tyres.

letters activity
letter matching game
latter case matching activity

Now we are ready to go! Let your child match the lower and uppercase letters with each other and place them where they belong on the car. It will be very fun for them.

As you can see, this activity is very practical to make it at home and for your preschool child it is really educational about learning letters. You should try it! Hope you enjoy. 😊

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