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Make Your Own Cactus Play Dough Activity

In this page you will find a cactus play dough activity.

Play Dough Cactus

Toddlers like playing with play dough very much. They can do any shape with it. Parents should know that playing with play dough is very useful for the motor skills of the children who are 36 months and over. Because play dough provides them to squeeze and pluck which are very important when developing the motor skills. So let them play with play dough more.

In this activity we are making a plant. A cactus! Cactuses are lovely plants and your child will love them. This activity will both develop your child’s motor skills and provide him/her to love plants. It is also easy and practical to make at home with basic elements and you can make it with your child. It would be very fun for him/her too. Let’s see what we need and begin.

Required Materials

  • Green play dough
  • Toothpicks
  • Flowerpot

How to do it?

  • Firstly, get a green play dough and give it the shape of a cactus.
  • Secondly, place the cactus shape you made on the flowerpot just like planting a flower.
  • Lastly, stick the toothpicks around your dough cactus like they are its thorns.
  • Remember your 3 years old and over child can do all of it by his/her own under an adult supervision.
fine motor cactus play dough activity

Now your cactus is ready! Your child has a plant now. Let him/her to place it somewhere to observe what he/she made, everyday. It would be a good feeling to see around something you created. You can also create another shapes of flowers like daisy, rose, tulip… etc. with play dough and make a collection of dough flowers! 😊 Your child would have so much fun squeezing colourful doughs and creating plants. Have fun! 😊

For more play dough activities, keep following us.

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