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DIY Make a Castle from Recyclable Materials

Do you want to make a magnificent toy castle for your child? If your answer is yes, check out this page. Click for our other recyclable materials craft activity

Castle Craft for Kids

You may want your children to play with great toys and sometimes it might be hard to afford all the toys you want to buy. But do not worry because there are always an alternative! We are here to present you the kind of games and activities that hard to afford which you can prepare at home, or creative activities to develop your preschool children’s skills.

This one is a kind of activity that may not be easily affordable but can be prepared easily at home with recyclable materials. Let’s see what we need to make a castle and learn how to do it. 😊

Required Material

  • Red cardboard
  • Marker pen
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Electronic item protector carton
  • Recyclable materials

How to do it?

Find a carton which is used for an electronic item’s protection and use it as the substraction of the castle (If you do not have something like that, you can use another materials to make a substraction). You may draw windows and open a hole to be the entrance of the castle.

Then use the toilet paper rolls to build the walls of the castle. Draw windows on them again, give shapes to them to look like a castle and make little places to place soldiers (if you have toy soldiers).

Using the red cardboard, make roofs to the walls of the castles in the shape of cone.

Lastly, you may make flags for your castle with cardboards and fine sticks.

Now your toy is ready! Let your child play with it! Have fun. 😊

castle craft for kids
preschool castle craft for kids
castle craft

•Remember, you may use the recyclable materials and old toys to develop your castle. It depends on your creativity.

For more creative ideas, keep following us.

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