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Number Activities for Kids

In this page you will find number activities for teaching the number to your children.

Teaching Number Recognition 1-10

Children who are older 3 years of age are able to count the numbers and match them with each other. Even if there are many ways of teaching them to count the numbers, some may not be that much useful. Because the activities for children should be fun and short-time both to be effective and educational.

This is why we prepared fun and practical number activities for you to teach your children how to count the numbers. These activities will be very easy to prepare at home with basic elements. So make them for your child immediately. 😊 Let’s go one by one.

Number Activity 1

Required Materials

  • Paper plate
  • Colourful pins

How to do it?

Take paper plates and write the numbers down on them with colourful pins, one by one. That’s it!

number activities

Number Activity 2

In this activity your child will learn the child through snake shapes! 😊

Required Materials

  • Coloured cardboards
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors

How to do it?

Firstly, draw snake shapes on the different coloured cardboards as many numbers as you want to teach to your child.

Secondly, cut that shapes away. You can make eyes for the snakes or paste googly eyes instead. 😊

Then write the numbers down and draw circles on the snakes and as in the picture.

Lastly, you should draw circles on the cardboards but you should use the same colours with same numbers to make it easier to match them.

Now it is ready! Your child will choose one of the snakes and put as many circles as it is written on the snake. This is a great way to teach numbers to children!

number recognition activities

Number Activity 3

This time there is a handicraft abacus for learning the numbers.

Required Materials

  • Coloured cardboards
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Beads
  • Scissors

How to do it?

First you should draw umbrella shapes and cut them away. You can make the handles of the umbrellas with pipe cleaners.

Then write the numbers down on the umbrellas one by one.

Put the beads in a box.

Now it is ready. Let your child pass the beads through the pipe cleaners as many as the numbers on the umbrellas.

number activities at home

 Number Activity 4

This is a matching activity with numbers.

Required Materials

  • Carton box
  • Ice-cream spoons(plastic spoons)
  • Marker pen
  • Scissors

How to do it?

Write the numbers down and draw circles as many as the numbers on the box and on the spoons as well.

Makes fine holes on the box to place the plastic spoons.

Ready! Your child will choose a plastic spoon and according to the number on it, place it to the correct place as the same number on the box.

number activities toddlers
plastic spoon number activities
number activities for kids

These are all activities to both have fun and learn the numbers at the same time for preschool children. And also they are very easy to prepare at home. Hope you enjoy it!

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