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Cardboard Boxes Craft Ideas

1-How to make your own cardboard castle

castle craft

Cardboard castle craft for kids

Today the mother and girl are going to make a cardboard castle craft for a great conversion. For this we have materials, towel paper rolls, empty medicine boxes, baby cloth boxes.

This event will be great for princesses who are a castle fan. It doesn’t really cost much to build those castles that our children want to admire. My daughter and I decided to make a very nice castle from the boxes that were in the house. Toys that are very expensive will be more enjoyable and meaningful than toys that you make with your children.

Now let’s start making this great cardboard castle craft. The castle and the time we spend with our children will be the most beautiful memory of today.


  • Boxes (medicine boxes, wet wipe boxes, medicine boxes)
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Background papers in different colors
  • Silicone gun
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Foam sheets

Construction stages:

We cover each of the boxes shown in the first sketch with pink background paper.

After that, to give these boxes an aesthetic look; purple background paper with patterned scissors and cut pieces glued to the edges of the boxes.


Then I used the purple background paper to create the walls of the castle. I left a section of 1 cm in length to paste it in the box at the bottom. I’ve made 3 cm long walls. I folded some of these parts to make it stick more solid in the box than to cut them completely.

And I pasted these walls on the top of the boxes I covered with pink background paper.

After creating the general outline, it was time to create the towers. 😊 We cover short and long rolls with pink background paper to create towers.


And after creating towers, we create roofs from green background paper. First, cut the circles from the green background paper. Double the paper to the right center of the circle. Cut the curl. You got two half circles. Take one half circle and combine the edges to form a cone. Put the glue on both sides. That’s how we got six cones. Then apply the adhesive from head to head on the Rolls. And paste it by putting it on the cones. Here are our castles ready 😊

It’s time to build our windows. We draw window-shaped pieces on the boxes and cut them with a carpet knife. I decorated the Windows using the grey slip foam and the yellow foam. You can also prepare differently.

I wanted to design The Castle door to open and close. I cut a piece like the one in the picture, and I cut a hole with a hole in the end. I opened a hole in the side of the door. I tied the ends of the rope through two holes. This way, when I pulled the door rope, it opened up.


After creating the door, it was time to give an aesthetic look. Again, I used the yellow and grey simmered foam to decorate the door. I pasted the grass-shaped pieces from the green house on both sides of the door.

I created the windows the same way.

Yes, the castle our princesses have always wanted is complete…

Now that you’ve built a castle so beautiful, there’s no way to portray a mother-daughter tale in this castle. We chose the Rapunzel tale my daughter loved very much for this magnificent Grand Chateau. Our baby with blond hair and our perfect Castle are ready for our fairy tale. We put our Rapunzel on the glass of that big Castle we made from Toilet rolls. Of course, Rapunzel is in the hands of my daughter. 😊 My daughter’s friends are in the fairy tale. 😊 Now that everyone’s got the character they’re playing, we’re ready to live our fairy-tale. 😊 A toy is not a very expensive time to spend with your child is the most beautiful time. We had a lot of fun today. We’ve learned how to evaluate the boxes of our used items while having fun.

2-How to Make a Mini Cardboard City


  • Cardboards
  • Puppets
  • Toy Cars
  • Watercolor

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