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Sensory Texture Balloons

How to make montessori sensory balloons for children

As a result of many researches,montessori sensory balloons play a very important role in the establishment of nerve connections in the brain. This skill also improves children’s more complex completion skills.

Montessori sensory balloons activity promoting sensory development also helps learn cognitive development, fine motor development, calming, cold, warm, soft, hard, sticky.

In Montessori education system, sensitivity of the senses is very important. When we look at it, we perceive the world with our senses, so the activities to improve the senses are very important.

I have also prepared sensory balloons for my 8-month-old daughter to support her development in this field. 😊

• Colored balloons
• Pulses in different tissues
• Funnel

montessori sensory balloons

montessori sensory balloons for kids


  • All you need to do is to fill the pulses with each ballooned texture with the help of the funnel.

montessori sensory balloons activity

I inflated the balloon slightly to support the development of auditory intelligence, which my daughter enjoyed. 😊You can apply this work by differentiating it for older age groups.

The materials placed inside the balloons and the materials in the bowl are to be paired by touching or filling the same color balloons with the same material and asking them to find their wives, etc. Have fun. 😊

montessori sensory balloons activities

montessori sensory balloons play

montessori sensory balloons for homeschool

montessori sensory balloons for toddlers

montessori sensory balloons for kids

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