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Teaching Kids to Count to 100

Counting to 100 great ways to teach children the love of numbers

It is very difficult to gain the concept of numbers in preschool, because children in the age group have difficulty understanding an abstract concept such as numbers because they are more inclined to understand concrete concepts.

In order to teach this concept to children, we must take concrete steps in all the activities that we organize so that children can learn the concept of number at the desired level.

Parents often say, “my child does not know how to count” and they can’t focus enough on this issue. There are parents who have witnessed that their children can count up to 10, 50 or even 100, They think that “How can their children count the numbers, if their child does not know enough about the number concept?” But you should remember that the fact that the number of children counts does not mean that they have learned the concept of number correctly. In kindergarten, many children can count not because they really learned to count numbers, but because they memorize the order of numbers very well.

In order for the child to learn the concept of number, it is necessary to be able to do such activities as mapping, classification and sorting. For this reason, children are given priority to these three skills when Teaching the concept of numbers before school and children are given the opportunity to develop these skills. Children who develop these skills are then allowed to learn the concept of number by doing number studies.

So, I wanted to design an event in which I could do two different applications at the same time so that my daughter, whom I had worked with earlier, could recognize up to 100 numbers. 😊

• Color A4 papers
• Number cards
• Glue
• Scissors
• Transparent adhesive roll

How to make:

  • To begin with, we are preparing number cards.

  • After that, we cut the appropriate size from colored A4 paper to paste the cards.

  • We stabilize and beautify our cards by sticking the number cards to the parts we cut. And our cards are ready.

  • We then paste these prepared cards on cardboard in accordance with the order.

  • We cut the cards that we create for unit digit and place them in any box that is split.

  • Our event is ready. But when it was like this, it would be a one-time practice. I also covered the entire cardboard with a transparent adhesive roller after completing it to make it more robust and usable.

  • So, when I write an application, I would have the chance to delete it again and reapply it at a different time. 😊












  • There are two different applications in the event. First, read the whole number by typing a unit digit. Second, read the whole number by placing the number cards in the unit digits. We had a lot of fun and it was very useful for my daughter to see all the numbers up to 100.You guys should try it. Have fun. 😊

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