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Cow craft for toddlers

My daughter likes to do crafts and activities. At school-at home, art and craft activity or painting classes “I feel her eyes laughing”. She came back from school joyfully yesterday. She showed his Art Activity and fled to his room. I didn’t see her because I wasn’t careful, but she looked like an animal.

cow craft for kids


  • White paper and red paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors and glue
  • Marker

When I went to her room, I saw the cow craft activity they made out of paper. The little hands were in charge again. Fine motor skills have improved after my daughter started school. If you look at it carefully, you’ll see it makes a nice cut. In fact, you can do this craft at home or at school very easily. All we need is glue and paper.

Below you can see what materials we use. We know that this activity will help our children develop their fine motor skills.

How is it done?

  1. First, we need to cut the pieces of paper.
  2. Two white circle shaped paper for the ears
  3. One large circle shaped paper for the body of our cow
  4. Four red circle shaped paper for feet
  5. A cut paper for head

After all, we take the glue and paste it as shown in the picture. Good work already.

cow craft for homeschool

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