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Montessori Education

1-Cards and Counters Montessori

Montessori cards and counters activity for homeschool

So, I started making this work called ”cards and counters”.This is one of the preliminary works that helps prompt concrete understanding of numbers and quantity.
Anyways,my thumb started to hurt after making two,which made me realize I have several students who could finish them beautifully.By doing so I hope these students will build a stronger connection to this work.Once on the shelf,these cards and counters will eventually loose their novelty,but that’s okay because they will have served their purpose (and it buys me some time to make a new ones).

montessori education for kids

2-Montessori Plant Structure

Montessori plant structure for homeschool

We learned that:

  • Petals
  • Stem
  • Leaves
  • Roots

Plant structure with the my daughter and my student this morning.We decided to be creative in our science lesson and find things around the house that we could use to display plant structure.Really helped with their learning.

homeschool montessori education

3-Montessori Sweeping Activity

Black stones sweeping activity

This page has black sweeping activity for my daughter.

homeschool montessori


  • Hand brush
  • Plastic hand shovel
  • Black stones
  • Yellow band

kids montessori education
montessori education for toddlers

montessori education for kindergarten

  • First of all, the black stones in the container are poured with a nice spread and then a band is attached and the center point is determined. Then the material which is scattered to this center point is swept and the material transferred from the center is transferred. Then the material used is removed and placed in the place of the tray. a factor.

  • This activity is an activity that contributes to the development of hand eye coordination as well as daily life skills. Children who can not use their hands and fingers are difficult to fulfill their daily life skills. School life is also affected negatively and it is difficult to write. The lack of self-confidence caused by academic failure negatively affects the child’s social development. 

  • In the Montessori system, activities under the name of daily life skills are very interesting for children and at the same time filled with studies that will form the basis of their physical and mental activities at an advanced age. In short, the skills of daily life will contribute to the development of the child in a safe environment, The use of spoons, knives, forks, and other materials designed to fit the physical structure of the child supports proper attention to the child’s ability to hold the pencil properly and to transfer water or legumes from the container to the container.

montessori education at home

montessori at home

  • I did not intervene because my daughter wanted to continue the activity by removing the tape here. We do not intervene unless there is a dangerous situation for our children to work in exertions.

4-Montessori Writing Tray

Homeschool montessori writing activity

I have used semolina for this sensory writing activity.If you do not have any tray like this,you can use chocolate box.baking tray too.


  • Pre writing and pre-math skills
  • Hand-eye coordinattion
  • Attention
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sensorial skills


  • Salt
  • Sand or semoline(I used semolina)
  • Tray
  • Numbers printable-shapes printable-letters printable

montessori classroom

5-Montessori Watering Plants

Homeschool montessori practice life watering plants-flowers

teaching montessori in the home

montessori learning

montessori teacher training

6-Montessori Numbers Recognition

Homeschool montessori math activity

Fun fun day.
Letters,numbers,hike and games.One of my top reasons for homeschooling is to have my only two bond.Spending three extra days together a week is great.I am hoping it will allow them grow closer together as they age.C has picked up so so much from this process.Grateful I floowed my heart on this.Check back next week I might be singing a different tune.

montessori preschool

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