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Find Hidden Animals

Can you find hidden animals ?

Welcome to Our Secret Garden. Are you ready to build a beautiful forest for our sons and daughters, the king of the woods today?

What we need for this is cardboard green background paper and animal pictures that we want

First of all, we make big grass from our green background paper to cover our pets. This activity will support both the enjoyment of our children and the development of the thumb muscles by using scissors.

We will show that you can do this by giving this task to our children and by giving responsibility to them. Yes, our grass is ready for those little fingers. We had fun and our fingers worked. Now it’s time to stick our animals on the cartons. Yes, this is okay now.

Now we’re sticking our grass on our animals. Now it’s time for the king of our forest to find the animals.


We can play here without tearing or cutting grass. Of course, we still have fingers working.  We can play this as a memory game by finding the animals without breaking. We may even want to find the animal belonging to that sense by removing animal sounds.

With these activities, we can support the development of both visual and auditory intelligence of our children. We can also support the development of our children’s attention through memory games. Then our kings and queens of our forests, lets find the animals of our forests 🙂

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