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Shapes for kids

Learning Shapes

1-Learning Shapes with Rubber Bands

Learning shapes activity with rubber bands at home

Homeschool or toddlers 2d shapes activity with rubber bands. We love learning through play and this is a simple hands-on activity to teach 2D shapes & properties. (My part of our conversation before) ‘How many green pins can you see?’ ‘Then this shape must have 4 corners.’ After making the square -‘How many green rubber bands did you need to make the square? ‘So the square has 4 corners and 4 sides!’ All you need is a cork board (or in our case IKEA heat pot boards),board pins&some rubber bands.

The board pins are obviously sharp so common sense &supervision is a good idea.

shapes for kids

2-Shape Punching Cards

Homeschool handmade learning shapes activity

Turn foam plates into simple ”shape punching cards”.Draw a shape on each plate and have your child use a plastic needle to punch through the plate. If you think it is dangerous for your child to use a plastic needle,you can make ”shape tracing cards” and have your child trace the shapes with a felt tip pen.
You can try this with numbers or letters as well.A simple and engaging fine motor skills activity.

learning shapes

3-Homeschool Cardboard Stencils

Diy cardboard stencils
Who loves sensory tubs?
It is always lots of fun making a sensory tub.I have used split peas in this one.Instead of hiding objects children used the stencil to make the different shapes.Covering the cardboard in peas then lifting it up…magically the shapes appear.


  • Peas
  • Cardboard stencil

shapes sensory bin

4-Shapes Felt Robot Craft

Homeschool robot craft idea

It is a robot.She was so proud introducing felt boards this year added a lot of fun to morning activities.It gives the opportunity for their own unique interests to shine.I love it.

shapes robot craft

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