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Creative Printmaking Art

Printmaking ideas

1-Fork and other painting

Printing or painting without a brush can you guess what I used to make the different four seasons leaves?Looks like fun:)

I needed to did this!!! I’ve been holding off because I’ve been making them make crafts with lots of materials.So creative.We used plastic fork,q-tips,cokie cutters(shapes) ,sponge and cotton tips or different materials used you.

fork painting

toddlers fork painting

It is fork painting🙂
Today we discovered some yellow spring flowers and we wanted to paint it-unusually:)

fork painting for baby

flower fork painting art

2-Rolling Pin Painting

Rolling pin painting for toddlers or homeschoolers


  • Rolling pin( plastic or wooden)
  • Rubber bands
  • Taping foam circles
  • Bubble wrap( I haven’t  got it)
  • Paints

Rolling pin painting using our play dough rolling pin and trying rubber bands and taping foamy circles for dun patterns:( sad that I could not find bubble wrap for another fun patterns.

Children love to paint in this period.

toddlers rolling pinpainting

3-Cookie Cutter Painting

Space theme cookie cutters painting&stamping

Space Theme.Some simple star stamping using cookie cutters.Reinforcing the color yellow,star shape and identifying small,medium and large.

cookie cutter painrting art

4-Process Art Apples

Process art with apples.
For this,I sliced two apples in half to be used with four paint colors.I used large corn holders to stick into the apples for her little hands to hold onto when stamping in the paint and on the canvas.I showed her how to stamp the apple first and then let her have at it.She stamped and slid the apples around,but didn’t finish until she got to mix up the paint with her hands too.

apple stamping art

toddlers apple printing

5-Dishwashing Wire Painting

Homeschool painting and printing art activity

Since we burned sparkles yesterday we painted fireworks today.The girls enjoyed it and especially C.

painting activity


toddlers printing activity

baby printing activity


kids printmaking activity

6-Hammer Painting

Homeschool hammering art activity with paints and cotton pads

This hammering activity was so fun.
I put dabs of washable paint on a large sheet of paper then covered them with cotton pads.My son had to hit them with a hammer to see what color was underneath.It only took doing one inside to decide that this was definitely and outdoor activity.Fun process art that’s also great for hand-eye coordination.

hammering art painting

7-Rubber Band Painting

Homeschool rubber band painting art activity


  • Paper
  • Container
  • 3 or 4 rubber bands
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint

Place the paper on the bottom of the container.Stretch the rubberbands across the container.Demonstrate the activity for your child.Paint the rubberbands with the paint.Pull on the bands and watch the paint splatter onto the paper.Repeat.


  • Order
  • Coordination
  • Sensory skills
  • Creativity

rubber band painting for kids

8-Ball Painting for Toddlers

Homeschool ball painting art activity

What you will need:

  • Sensory balls
  • Washable tempare paint
  • White paper

We started our ball unit this week.First thing we learn about is how they move.So what better way to learn than to paint with them?
And what animal is round and moves like a ball,a caterpillar.This painting activity was a blast.

ball painting for toddlers


9-Firework Painting

Homeschool firework painting art activity


  • Toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls
  • Different paints
  • Yellow and purple papers

I just cut different length slits into the end of the paper towel rolls and fanned them out.Once these were dipped in paint,they created an amazing pattern on the paper.
This activity kept both girls entertained for well over half an hours as they explored the different colours,shapes,patterns and effects they could create.There was lots of sharing,turn taking and communication happening as well which was great to see:)

Love how our firework prints turned out.

firework painting for toddlers

paper roll painting activity

kids firework painting activity

10-Letter Painting

Toddlers letter painting art activity


  • Paper
  • Paint and plastic letters

Demonstrate the activity fou your child.Pick up a letter and make the letter sound(letter b makes a ba sound).Dip the letter in the paint and set it on the paper.Continue with all the letters!

letter painting for kids


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