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Easter Painting Idea

Easter ideas

1-Homeschool easter theme cut and paint activity

Some of the cut paint project my kiddos did in therapy for Easter.
I am in the career I have dreamed of since I was 10 years old.
Lots of things in one session…Benefits:
-Color identification
-Writing/tracing your name
Fine motor
-Pinching clothespins to hold the pom poms in place
-And more importantly,something to bring home.

easter painting

2-Eggs Painting Idea

Homeschool easter eggs painting activity

Just a few of our painted eggs from this past weekend.I will cherish the way G’s little hands so diligently painted all the solid-colored eggs,how he mixed his own colors (love that mucky brown) and proudly announced,” I am finished with my masterpieces,mama!” He did not want the eggs wildly colored,speckled or striped (those are ones sis and I did),just solid,just ”perfect” he said.Oh,my boy! How I love you and your big plans.You will change the world.And as for little sis? She painted a couple eggs and then was more interested in throwing them,bellowing,”balls”! Ha! Oh how I love my little feisty red head! Her determination will serve her well.

easter egg painting

3-Footprint Easter Bunny Cards

Homeschool easter theme footprint bunny cards 

Footprint Easter bunny cards.
Great cards for the little ones,I did the footprint in the high chair while she was having dinner then just stuck them on the card and drew and bunny face,really easy and super cute.

easter bunny art activity

4-Fingerprint Easter Cards

Homeschool easter bunny fingerprint activity(gift cards)


  • Bunny printable-bird printable or spring printable
  • Finger paints

Last years Easter cards.Finger painting prints all over,then I tried to turned them into what I could haha…

easter card decorations


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