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Fine Motor Maths Activity

Homeschool fine motor & math activity.

1-Tweezing buttons on to winter mittens.

I am not going to lie,this was not a hugely popular activity today,the children wanted to colour in and decorate the mittens so we are going to do that tomorrow.
Never mind that it took me all morning to cut them out:))

fine motor math activity

2-Dublo Lego Geoboard Fine Motor

What’s a new activity I can do?
Are the words I here many times a day from C,4 years.She will often play hippily without interference from me,but like most children her age she is always yearning to try something new and different.With so much to do today-5 loads of washing to start with -my go to was something simple.The best things usually are.Here we have a ”lego” ”dublo” board and a basket of rubber bands,coming together as a geoboard.Great for fine motor development,creativity and problem solving skills development.And not to mention really fun.

fine motor shapes activity


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